Counseling & Screening

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Counseling & Screening Services


The St. Croix Health Care team provides services, including regular health check-ups and screenings to over 50 patients daily. Such screenings will help prevent/reduce diseases and the overall death rate in the region. They will also lower the number of employee absences due to injuries or illness. Following the screenings, residents are given a six-month supply of medication, if needed. A six-month follow-up visit is arranged to evaluate their progress as a result of taking the medication. Screenings will include, but not limited to:

Disease Management/Prevention.

Learn how healthy living can play a significant role in the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Prenatal Exercise.

Pregnant mothers will learn the importance of health and wellness for themselves and their unborn child.

High Blood Pressure.

Discover measures that help prevent or manage high blood pressure and learn about common misconceptions about the condition.


Find out about the symptoms and treatments that can help one live with and manage asthma.

Men’s Health.

Learn about issues that affect men, including prostate awareness, testicular cancer, and diabetes care and prevention.