Prenatal & Postnatal Care Program

Prenatal Care

Prenatal & Postnatal Care

For women in Haiti, pregnancy and childbirth present a big risk and can lead to disability and even death. Factors that contribute to this dilemma include distance from medical facilities, high fees, and high transportation costs. These factors limit their access to contraception. Access to contraception might help women delay childbearing, have fewer children, and reduce the potential for obstetrical complications. To help safeguard the health of women, the St. Croix team ensures pregnant women receive family planning and prenatal counseling. Every day, 7-12 Pregnant women receive basic checkups to make sure their babies are healthy. They are also given prenatal vitamins to help them and their babies remain healthy. If any problems are detected, the mother will be referred to another facility to receive the appropriate treatment and care.

The St. Croix Health Care medical team promotes breast feeding to pregnant women as the ideal choice in infant feeding. Breastfeeding provides many nutritional, health, and emotional benefits to mother and child. Mothers receive education through one-on-one counseling and breastfeeding education materials. Approximately 10 mothers who are breastfeeding receive counseling and educational materials on breastfeeding